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(Website: http:// infolab.econ.uoa.gr)

Director – annual appointment to Head of Division VI: S. Kotsios (Assoc. Professor,  skotsios@econ.uoa.gr)
Tutor: Hara Delopoulos (Teaching Assistant, hadelop@econ.uoa.gr)

This laboratory provides the IT education and training of students of the Department of Economics. The Laboratory operates under the responsibility of the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science and it is located on the third floor of the renovated “Megaron of Theoretical Sciences” (Massalias wing and Sina wing), 57 Solonos street, as follows: it has two computer rooms with, three classrooms and one meeting room. Also, it has two additional computer rooms, one in 1st and one on the 6th floor at 14 Euripidou street.

The Laboratory assists the educational work of the faculty members of the Department who need computational support and provides training seminars on computer applications, programming in Visual Basic, web applications and workshops, as for example in egovernance and site development. The Laboratory since its establishment (1990) to date has trained more than 20,000 students (up to the year 2000, it instructed also students of the School Law, Economics and Politics, while up to the year 2004 and students of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration).

The electronic equipment of the Laboratory consists of 36 modern PC running on Windows 7 on your local network and 40 PC running on Windows XP to two local networks and access the Internet via the campus network. The software library of the Laboratory includes most of Microsoft Office, multimedia titles and statistical mathematics, the IMSL version in Fortran, the system SAS (strategic analysis, statistics and operational research), the math program Mathematica, the symbolic algebra software Maple, student edition of GAMS, various programming languages etc.

The seminars are announced on the website of the Laboratory and the Department, usually in September and December, but generally it is recommended that you contact those responsible for courses and workshops.


(Website: http://learningsupport.elke.uoa.gr)

Director: Professor P. Petrakis

It is a workshop designed for the study of the development of entrepreneurship within the field of development and planning. The role of workshop is:
A) Research: Carry out a thorough study of entrepreneurship in Greece, comparing with international developments. The research results in a series of scientific articles and studies covering the spectrum of development of entrepreneurship in order to be published in major scientific journals abroad.

B) Advisory: The workshop provides advisory support in prospective young entrepreneurs, whether they are alumni from the University of Athens or not, who are interested in starting their own business and are in need of information and support.





(Website: it.econ.uoa.gr)
Director: Professor I. C. Demetriou (demetri@econ.uoa.gr)

This laboratory develops research work on high scale approximation and optimization calculations as well as relevant applications on economics. The research results have found favorable acceptance at international conferences where they presented, have received three international awards and relevant scientific articles are published in prestigious international journals.


Director: Professor N. Milonas

The Laboratory for Investment Applications (EPEFA) operates within the Division of Business Economics and Finance and is located at 5 Stadiou Street, 2nd Floor. The aim of EPEFA is the methodic scientific analysis and study of current themes of finance, banking and business economics for solving problems facing public organizations and private corporations. Among other things, EPEFA aims at:

1. the development of educational, scientific and related activities in line to the general rules and by-laws of the Special Account for Research Grants of the University.

2. the organization of seminars, symposiums, conferences as well as the publications of articles and books.

3. any kind of co-operations with research centers and academic institutions inGreeceand abroad with similar scientific aims.

4. the co-operation with public organizations, institutions and private companies with the purpose of working together towards developing solutions for the problems facing important sectors of the Greek economy.