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Course Description


Code: ECO311

Tutor: V. Droucopoulos

This course is intended to provide an undergraduate level introduction to Industrial Economics. The primary text for the course is the Greek translation of Luis M. B. Cabral’s, Introduction to Industrial Organization, The MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., 2000 from which a number of chapters will be covered e.g.

         What is industrial organization?

         Basic microeconomics

         The firm

         Monopoly and regulation

         Perfect (and almost perfect) competition

         Oligopoly competition

         Market structure and market power etc.

This text will be supplemented by a large collection of hand-outs which provide additional diagrams, algebraic proofs and case studies (both in Greek and in English).

The course consists of  two two-hour lectures per week. During the class apart from the formal lecture:

         Exercises and problems will be solved

         Past exam questions will be answered

         Previous lecture topics will be further analysed and elaborated upon.

Assessment for the course is by a two-hour written final exam and by a two-hour written mid-term exam.

Additional textbooks (available in the Economics Library, both in Greek and in English):

Don E. Waldman and Elizabeth J. Jensen, Industrial Organization: Theory and Practice, 3rd ed., Pearson, Boston, 2007.

John Lipczynski et al., Industrial Organization: Competition, Strategy, Policy, 3rd ed., Prentice Hall, Harlow Essex, 2009.