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Course Description

Course: Introduction to Macroeconomic Analysis

Code: ECO211

Semester: A

Tutor:  G. Argeitis

            G. Chortareas

Aims and objectives

This course starts with an introduction to macroeconomics, the measurement of the macroeconomy and the national accounts. The analytical part of the course covers key issues of macroeconomics including output productivity, the labor market, employments and unemployment. Then we analyse the spending and saving decisions of households, firms and governments (consumption, investment, government expenditures). This analysis is extended to take into account that the modern economies are open economies focusing on saving and investment decisions which are reflected in the balance of payments. The next key issue we cover is economic growth, which determines a nation’s ability to improve the living standards of its people. Finally, we analyse the demand for assets and in particular the demand for money.

Course Book

A. Abel, B. Bernanke and D. Crushore, Macroeconomics, (6th edition, chapters 1-7).