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Course Description

Course: Public Finance

Code: ECO302

Semester: A & B


Semester A: Β. Dalamagkas

Semester B: Β. Rapanos , G. Kaplanoglou (φροντιστήρια)

Public Finance is the branch of economics that studies the role of the public sector in the economy. In this course, we will study the intellectual foundations that justify the existence of the public sector, and the economic theory that describes what the role of the public sector should be. We will then look at the Greek public sector actually does, and how it affects individual and corporate decision-making and welfare.

More precisely, the course will cover basic concepts of welfare economics, an public goods and externalities, the theory of cost-benefit analysis, voting and other elements of public choice theory and an analysis of optimal taxation including aspects of tax incidence and the trade-off between efficiency and equity in designing optimal taxes.

Course Books: 

Β. Dalamagkas:

A. «Εισαγωγή στη Δημόσια Οικονομική», εκδόσεις ΚΡΙΤΙΚΗ, 1999.

Β. Η. Rosen «Δημόσια Οικονομική», Β τόμος, εκδόσεις ΚΡΙΤΙΚΗ.


Β. Rapanos , G. Kaplanoglou:

H. Rosen και T.Gayer «Δημόσια Οικονομική», Α και Β τόμος, εκδόσεις ΚΡΙΤΙΚΗ.

H. Rosen και T.Gayer, Public Finance, 8th edition, McGraw-Hill/Irwin.