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Course Description


Code: MTH101

Semester: Α΄& Β’

Tutors: Α. Korkotsidis, 407 (Α Semester, 2 groups)

             S. Κotsios, Ι. Leventidis (Β Semester, 1 group)


Aim of the course is the development of the basic skills and the comprehension of the basic notions of Differential and Integral calculus of one variable functions as well as  their connection with the Economical Science.


Introduction – Mathematics and Economy – Modeling – Sets – Real Numbers – Complex Numbers – Solving Equations – Sequences – Differentiation –Geometrical notions – Monotone functions – Concave and Convex one variable functions – Differentiation and Economy – Logarithms - Elasticity – Interests – Differential – Implicit Functions – Graphs – Series - Taylor’s Theorem – Indefinite Integration –

Integration by parts – Integration of Rational functions – Advance Integration. Definite Integration – Areas – Improper Integrals – Integrals and Economy.


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