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Course Description

Course: Political Economy of Development and Growth

Code: PEC301

Semester: Α

Tutor: Ε. Tsipouri

The purpose of the course is to analyse modern and classic theories of economic of growth and development. The concept of economic development and its basic characteristics are explored and so are poverty, development challenges, long term growth trends, indicators and empirical methods.  This course gives an extensive introduction to the economic problems of the less developed countries. Individual topics include, the role of agriculture and industry, education, employment, migration, capital accumulation, and income distribution. The syllabus further explores the concepts of new growth theory, exogenous and endogenous economic growth models. Finally, the course touches upon issues related to income inequality and economic growth, funding, innovation and development dynamics, productivity and convergence / divergence, economic backwardness, knowledge economy, development finance and the role of institutions.

Tutorials are offered to familiarise the students with the basic concepts of the course.



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