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Course Description


Code: QNT101

1st and 2nd  Semester

Tutors: Yiannis C. Bassiakos and Dimitrios Giokas

Aims & Objectives:

In this course an introduction to statistical methodology, the knowledge of which is necessary for the scientific investigation of the characteristics of various social and economic quantities and the relations between them is given. More specifically the material of the course contains:

Descriptive Statistics, where the techniques are limited to the presentation of the basic characteristics of a number of observations, referring to one or more quantities, Index theory, which are necessary for the presentation of economic developments, and Probability theory, which studies the laws governing the so called random events and is the necessary background of Statistical Methodology. More specifically, the rules of calculating probabilities, univariate and bivariate discrete random variables and basic discrete distributions are discussed.


1.  Descriptive Statistics and Indices

Meaning and types of statistical data. Methods of data collection and presentation of quantitative, qualitative, and time series data through tables and charts. Analysis of quantitative data (calculation of measures of location, variation, symmetry, skewness and concentration in original data and in frequency distributions of data).

Index Theory. Consumer Price Index.

2.  Probability Theory – Part Ι.

Combinatorics. Definition and Properties of Probability. Conditional Probability. Independent Events. Theorem of Total Probability and Bayes Theorem.

Discrete Random Variables (univariate and bivariate). Basic Theoretical Discrete Distributions. (Hypergeometric, Binomial, Geometric, and Poisson).

Course Books:

  1. P. Zairis, Statistical Methodology, Kritiki Eds., New-improved edition, 2010.
  2. G. Donatos & V. Hombas, Statistical Methods, Sakkoulas Eds., 1998

Other books:

  1. L. Kazmier & N. Pohl,. Basic Statistics for Business and Economics, McGraw -Hill, 1987.
  2. D. Moore & G. McCobe. Introduction to the Practice of Statistics, W. H. Freeman & Cο, 2003.