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Course Description

Course: Theory and Strategy of Multinational Enterprise

Κωδικός: MGT470

Semester: Β

Tutor: Ch. Pitelis

The course examines the concept of multinational enterprise (MNE) and deals with the efforts of modern economies to attract them. Ιt also focuses on the role of foreign direct investment (FDI). Finally, it discusses the nature, role and impact MNEs and FDI, in their interrelationship with governments and international organisations, have on international competitiveness and economic sustainability.

       Contents - Material

  • Introduction: Concepts, Definitions
  • Theories of Multinational Enterprises and Globalisation
    • Market Power/ Control
    • Transactions Cost
    • Eclectic Theory
    • Resource-based and Capabilities Theory
    • Power over Labour - Governments
    • Multinationals and Market and Ecosystem Co-creation
    • Entry Mode Strategy for International Firms
      • Foreign Direct Investments (FDI)
      • Joint Ventures – Strategic Alliances
      • Licensing and Franchising
      • Value Creation and Appropriation Strategies – International Integration and Local Adaptation.
      • Multinational Enterprises and International Competitiveness
      • Review - Conclusions