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Course Description


Code: QNT203

2nd Semester

Tutor: Yiannis C. Bassiakos


Aims & Objectives:

The ever increasing demand for reliable statistical estimates in a large number of socioeconomic scientific disciplines makes necessary the increase in the number of economists who will specialize in the design and conduct of sampling surveys and the evaluation of their results.


  1. Fields of application and design of sampling surveys.
  2. Sample plan. Most appropriate plan selection, taking (or without taking) under consideration the cost of the survey. Errors in surveys and methods for handling them.
  3. Random Sampling of Elements
  4. Simple random sampling. Estimators for the mean, the total, proportion and ratio, and necessary sample sizes in each case. Repeating (Panel?) surveys, partial sample replacement.
  5. Systematic sampling. Sample mean variance estimators.
  6. Stratified Sampling. General estimators, estimators in the case of proportional allocation, of best (in the Neyman sense) allocation, of best (minimum cost) allocation and necessary sample sizes.
  7. Estimators from two independent sub-samples.
  8. Random Cluster Sampling.
  9. Single and two-stage sampling of clusters of equal size, correlation coefficient within clusters.
  10. Single stage sampling of clusters of unequal size. Estimators in the case where the population mean is assumed to be the ratio of the total over the population size and the clusters are selected with probabilities proportional to their sizes.
  11. Two-stage sampling of clusters of unequal size: Estimators when the clusters are selected with probabilities proportional to their sizes.

Course Books:

  1. Ch. Damianou, Sampling Methods,SofiaEds., Thessoloniki, 2007
  2. V. Benos, Sampling Methods & Techniques, Stamoulis Eds. Athens, 1991

Other books:

  1. W. Cochran, Sampling Techniques, John Wiley & Sons, 1977
  2. L. Kish, Survey Sampling, John Wiley & Sons, 1978

Des Raj, Sample Survey Theory, Narosa Publishing House, 1998