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Department of Economics


The Division of Business Economics and Business Administration - Finance specializes on the application of economics to business administration. Specifically, the Division focuses upon financial management, investment analysis, portfolio management, accounting, business organization and strategy, and marketing. At the undergraduate level, the Division offers courses that equip students to work:

(a) in the private sector, as executives of corporations and organizations, banks, stockbrokers, auditing firms and as self-employed professionals, business consultants, and accountants;

(b) in the public sector, as executives of public firms and organizations.

For those students who are looking for further specialization, the Division offers the opportunity for postgraduate studies in business administration and strategy, banking, risk management, finance and accounting, as well as preparation of a doctoral thesis which is available for all students of the Department.

The research interests of the teaching staff of the Division cover all the subjects of business administration and include finance, investment analysis, portfolio management, accounting,banking, business strategy as well as human resource management, global business, marketing,and so on.

The members of the staff of the Division have extensive teaching and research experience, and publications in reputable international scientific journals, and participate regularly to international conferences.



  • Dimitrios Vasiliou, Head of Division
  • Christos Pitelis
  • Dimitrios Kenourgios



  • George Dotsis
  • Dimitrios Balios