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Department of Economics


The Department of Economics offers, or participates in, the following postgraduate programs:

A. Mphil in Economics

After a successful attendance of a two years coursework (Phase 1) a Masters of Economicsis awarded that is equivalent to the British MPhil degree. Candidates who have successfully negotiated with Phase 1 pass into the thesis-writing stage (Phase 2). The Program charges no fees to students.

B. MSc program "Quantitative Investing"

C. MSc program "Political Economy"

This MSc Program in Political Economy aspires to be a pioneering program and as such to fill a long-term knowledge gap in the study of economic and social phenomena at the graduate level in Greece.

After a long economic and social crisis in our country, the teaching of economics and social sciences in general continues to be characterized by a surplus of conventionality and a great lack of realism and pluralism. This results in the educational inability of students to understand, explain and empirically assess how modern capitalist economies operate, as well as how economic policy is formulated and conducted. Major theorists of economics (especially during the period when its official title was Political Economy) such as Marx, Veblen, Keynes, Kalecki and non-conventional schools of economic thought are almost completely absent from the undergraduate and graduate programs of most departments of economics. This serves as a major cognitive constraint for understanding the economic behavior of individuals, social groups and classes, the causes of the economic crisis, high unemployment, poverty, etc., and for formulating effective economic policies to address them.

The content of the curriculum of this MSc Program in Political Economy is formed with a main purpose to address the aforementioned insufficiency of the conventional programs. In the context of the tradition of Political Economy, its intention is to provide a comprehensive knowledge of non-conventional approaches to the way modern capitalist economies operate and to the major causes of their instability. Methodological pluralism and realism are the distinct advantages of this program, which aspires to provide the necessary training to all those who value economics as the cornerstone of the social sciences.

D. MSc program "Business Administration, Analytics and Information Systems"

E. MSc program "Applied Risk Management"


  1. Risk Management

  2. Internal Audit


Postgraduate studies with the participation of the Department of Economics

A. MSc Program "Applied Economics and Finance"

The renewed master's program offers three specializations:

  1. Financial Analysis and Policy

  2. Public Auditing

  3. Applied Accounting and Auditing

4th floor, 14 Evripidou Str., Athens:

  • M. Kolomitsini, +30 210 3689805, (for directions 1 and 2)
  • G. Chatzinikolaou, +30 21036898, (for direction 3)

B. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens MBA

Students, depending on their interests can choose one or more of the study tracks:

  1. ΜΒΑ (General Track)

  2. ΜΒΑ of Bank and Insurance Management

  3. ΜΒΑ of Accounting

  4. ΜΒΑ of Healthcare Management


C. Executive MBA

Students of the program, if they wish, may choose and obtain one or more of the offered study options:

  1. Executive MBA

  2. Executive MBA with specialization in Accounting & Finance

  3. Executive MBA with specialization in Human Resource Management

  4. Executive MBA with specialization in Marketing


D. MBA program "Strategic Management and Competitiveness"

MBA program "Strategic Management and Competitiveness directions:

  1. Strategic Management

  2. Competitiveness Strategy of Countries and Regions

E. MSc Program “Telecommunications and Network Management”

The Department of Economic Sciences participates in the particular MSc Program, which is under the administration of the 

Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Athens.

F. MSc Program “Business Mathematics”

The Department of Economic Sciences participates in the particular MSc Program, which is under the administration of the 

Athens University of Economics and business

G. MSc program "Philosophy and Management"

H. MSc Program “Health Administration”

The Department of Economic Sciences participates in the particular MSc Program, which is under the administration of the 

Department of Nursing of the University of Athens.

The MSc Programs A and B are housed in the building which is located in 14 Evripidou Str.