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Department of Economics


Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilities

The Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilities of the University of Athens aims at ensuring equal treatment to students with different abilities and needs and give them all access to academic studies by providing adjustments to the infrastructure, enabling computer technologies and accessibility services.

      The Accessibility Unit offers:

  • List of specific needs of each individual student with disabilities
  • Accessibility Department within the grounds of the University.
  • Transportation services for Students with Disabilities from their residence to the University and back
  • Enabling Computer Technology.
  • Free software for  Students with Disabilities.
  • Accessible textbooks.
  • Accessible workstations in Libraries.
  • Relay Service for live telecommunication between Students with Disabilities via interpretation in Greek Sign Language, with their fellow students, professors and university employees.
  • Support service by volunteer fellow students.
  • Instructions regarding the appropriate mode of exams for Students with Disabilities.
  • Service of Psychological Advisory Support for Students with Disabilities.

To allow for better assistance of Students with Disabilities in each Department / Faculty of the University of Athens it is decided that:

a) Advisor Professor for Students with Disabilities for our Department is Professor Argeitis George and his Deputy is Professor Maniatis Athanasios.

b) Responsible on behalf of the Secretariat for assisting Students with Disabilities is Evagelos Anastasopoulos and his Deputy is Lampros Vandoros. Students can contact them by phone, fax, email or via the Relay Service. Contact details of the people responsible for each Department / Faculty are available on the website of the Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilities. Contact data for people responsible in each Department/School can be found in the site of Accessibility Unit for Students.

Contact and information:

Τel: 2107275130, 2107275687, 2107275183

Fax: 2107275193




οoVoo ID: m.emmanouil

To send an SMS: 6958450861