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Department of Economics


Dear Students, Internship is an opportunity given to students according to the context of their studies, at both undergraduate and/orpostgraduate level, for the application of academic knowledge in a working environment in public or private companies, either with a grantfrom the funding of NSRF programs or with funding from  Business Hosts.

The target is to connect the university with the labour market. In this direction, an attempt is made to create communication channels with the public and private sector thus promoting its most substantial assimilation of academic and educational knowledge, familiarizing students with the working environment and workplace requirements as well as the smoother transaction of participating students from the academic environment into the field of companies and organisations.

At this stage it is possible to prepare an internship ONLY with an NSRF program grant.

There is  currently no possibility to do an internship at postgraduate level.

The ‘Internship at Undergraduate Level’ of students from the Department of Economics of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is part of the curriculum  as an undergraduate skills course level, not counted in the overall grade, is 7 ECTS. Credits are listed in the Curriculum and Study Guide in the Diploma annex.

In order for a student to do an internship he/she must submit an APPLICATION FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST – STATEMENT OF TRAINING and carefully read the New Internship Regulations – July 2020.

The Department of Economics has the academic responsibility only in the selection of students, the remaining process is then undertaken by the CENTRAL OFFICE OF PRACTICAL EXERCISE OF EKRA (GRA.PA.S)

For more details visit the website:

The Scientific Officer of the Internship of the Department of Economics Undergraduate and Postgraduate Level, Coordinator Academic Supervisor.

Dr. Charoula Delopoulou, PhD, Laboratory Teaching Staff, Department of Economics, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.