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Department of Economics


Student care

The student obtains the student status when he/ she registers and keeps it until graduation.

The minimum duration of undergraduate studies is 8 semesters. For a period of 6 years starting from their registration (12 semesters in total) students are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Complete health, medical and hospital care (they are given a health book). Information: Health Service University Club, Ippokratous 15,
  • Free meals (Meals Department, Ippokratous 15) according to the students’ financial status
  • Free accommodation in hotels at the centre of Athens, according to the students’ financial status (there are detailed messages regarding the accommodation conditions)
  • Free textbooks, notes etc.  In order to receive the textbooks, the students are required to register online on the website “Eudoxus” http:/, where they find information for the selection and access to textbooks
  • A reduced rate for public transportation (students are entitled a student transportation pass)
  • The right to receive a scholarship from IKY (State Scholarships Foundation, Lysikratous 14) or from the Endowments to the University (Chr. Lada 6, 6th floor), subject to the students’ grades and financial conditions
  • participation to international University student exchanges
  • The Cultural Association is located in the University Club. Its activities include theater, dancing, cinema and photography.
  • Students can obtain information on the following topics in the University Club, Ippokratous 15: foreign language courses (Didaskaleio), accommodation, job vacancies (Public Relations Office) and sports (University Fitness Centre in the University Campus)

Support Fund for Students

The Fund aims to provide students of the University of Athens with moral and financial (money or goods) support, when unexpected needs arise that they are not able to deal with in another way, as certified by the opinion of the Administration Committee, such as:

  • Support students who suffer from severe diseases and students who are hospitalised
  • Providing any kind of medical care, in addition to legal provisions
  • Covering – in special circumstances – totally or partially, the expenses of health / medical care abroad, for students who suffer from a very severe disease
  • Providing financial support, in the form of a lump sum or instalments for a determined period, to students in need, in particular to foreign students and those who come from out of town.
  • Providing financial support to students who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances, who are in a bad financial status, even temporarily, because of family or financial misfortunes
  • Providing support in any special need of a student, not mentioned above
  • Support of the University in any way to the students who are hospitalised.

Information available at: University Club, Ippokratous 15, 3rd floor, tel. 210 3688221-3688240-3688256.


  • Male students, who are entitled to postpone their military during their studies, are required to take at least one exam during the exam periods every academic year.
  • Studies can be suspended for serious reasons after application by the student and approval by the Board of Directors.
  • The student has no student status or student rights during the period of suspension.


Students of the Department of Economic Sciences are members of the Student Association of the School of Law, which was founded in the 60’s. The Association has been very active since its creation, present in every crucial battle of the youth and the student movement. It succeeded in being recognised as one of the most powerful and important Associations of the University.

The fights of the generation of 1-1-4, of the request of 15% of the state budget to be dedicated to Education, the heroic resistance actions and the beginning of the fall of the dictatorship and the capture of the School of Law in 1973  mark the political and social character of the Association’s activity. The students of the Department of Economic Sciences intervene with their actions, resisting every anti-social and anti-academic policy, respecting the principles of democracy, social justice, national independence and popular sovereignty, as these are stated in the memorandum of the National Student Union of Greece.

An independent Association for Students at the Faculty of Economics of the School of Law was established after the regime change, which forms today the Student Association of the Faculty of Economics of the School of Law, Economics & Political Sciences.

The Association is also active in the scientific arena, organising discussions and events on various economic and social topics.

 Useful information:

- Every male and female student at the Department is considered as a Member of the Association.

- Members have no financial obligations towards the Association.

- The Association is governed by a Board of Directors composed of nine members, which is convened after student elections, which take place every (academic) year.

- The Student General Assembly is the guiding and supervising body of the Association.

- All members have the right to participate in the Association, without any exceptions, as well as student parties of all types and political orientation (except of those of fascist or far-right orientation – according to the memorandum of the National Student Union of Greece, of which the Association is a member).

- The representatives of the students, who participate in the administrative bodies of the University (Senate, Board of Directors, General Assembly of the Faculty and Sectors), are also elected according to the procedures of the Association.

- Student representatives in the administrative bodies of the Faculty participate actively to the formulation of the curricula and to all decisions that are relevant to studies.

Participation in European Programmes

The Faculty cooperates with Universities abroad in the context of the Socrates / Erasmus Programme. Students of the Faculty are given the opportunity to attend the cooperating Universities for one semester. If successfully examined abroad their grades can be acknowledged  in equivalent.

Applications are submitted within the current academic year and concern their mobility in the next academic year.

Students who are interested to participate can visit the following website for more information: or contact the member of the Faculty who is responsible for the programmes, Professor Eug. Bournova.

In the Faculty there are selected courses offered in English and in small groups of close cooperation with the professor (tutorials) for incoming students from cooperating universities abroad. Greek students are also free to attend courses offered in English if they choose so.